Welcome to the Perfect XI

This is an introductory post to my new blog, ‘Perfect XI’, defining what is to come with this blog and why I decided to start it.

The ‘Perfect XI’ blog is exploring and debating the best football teams to ever grace the pitch, whether it’s club line-ups, national sides, best of all-time or specialist ones, such as the best team of players who loved to get sent off! Sometimes my ideas will be directly compared to a guests or I will simply outlay my opinion and invite reaction.

It won’t necessarily be about the best players, but the best teams and which work best in a unit, being able to mix quality and work ethic together, after all every team has their Djimi Traore. Every successful side has a blend of different players and this blog will define that in various future posts.

Djimi Traore (Credit- liverpoolecho.co.uk)
Djimi Traore (Credit- liverpoolecho.co.uk)

This came to creation as I always used to love picking ‘dream teams’ or would debate with friends who would get in the ‘Best England XI’ or ‘Best Premier League XI’. Now I have the platform to share my views and insight into an often topical debate within the world of football fans and experts alike.




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