The FA Cup Perfect XI

It’s reached that time of the season where fans from different corners of the country head to the capital. Wembley Stadium plays host to one of the most anticipated weekends of the footballing calendar, the FA Cup semi-final weekend. Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs and Manchester City play for the opportunity to return to the home of […]

The Relegated Perfect XI

Relegated Perfect XI The best players generally are the ones who finish at the top end of the league, competing for titles and European places. Yet, its surprising how many players end up fighting at the wrong end of the table and sometimes lose, facing the embarrassment of relegation. Some are too good to have […]

Merseyside Perfect XI

There are not many more intense rivalries, certainly in English football, than Liverpool versus Everton, the battle for Merseyside. Liverpool may have dominated with titles and European Cups, but when Derby Day arrives, form and history is irrelevant. Goodison Park has hosted some memorable victories over the Reds whilst Anfield has been a stage for […]

International Champions Perfect XI

There is no greater honor in sport, in my opinion, than winning a title with your country. Representing a nation of up to millions of people, the pressure is like no other. The world is watching you on the grandest stage, the only way to come out happy, is as a winner. From Africa to […]

El Classico Perfect XI

Two heavyweights of the European game, two giants of Spain and two regular kings of Europe. Barcelona and Real Madrid have had numerous world-class line-ups respectively so making a mixed side seems pretty difficult. Top level talents will miss out, you could make three teams almost just as good as each other with players from […]

Europa League Perfect XI

An often criticized competition, looked down upon by fans of clubs regularly appearing in the Champions League. Yet, it contains some of the finest underrated talent in Europe and provides a route to play against the elite of the continent. Some clubs may not take it seriously, but most do and players who impress may […]

Premier League Perfect XI

For my first ‘Perfect XI’, I’m doing the best ever Premier League team of players to have played in the division since its inception in 1992. I know football existed before, as we should remember, however to maintain credibility and knowledge, I’m sticking to this. As a first topic for choice, this was incredibly difficult […]